Creating 1

My images are often conceptualised long in advance, until the natural elements harmonise, the place, the moment, the light, to create the very "impression" using the best photographic and edition techniques to render the beauties of Nature.

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Simu Trityque The Wave

Authentic ART Editions Only

All the works are authentic Art editions limited to a maximum of 30 copies, all formats combined, in compliance with the strict rules of Art publishing in France.

Each work is edited according to the highest quality standards, using the high definition and large format printing techniques of renowned laboratories.

When you acquire a Mother Earth Impressions image, you become the owner of a true "Fine Art Photography" that will provide you with an impressive immersive experience over time.


The Making-Of

"Nature in Wide" photography is a challenging journey ...

Exhibitions to come 

ARTMUC, Munchen, Germany, Oct 22-25, 2020

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