Authentic ART Editions Only

“Nature in Wide” Photography is not only a demanding technical approach for shooting, but also for editing. The goal is to provide you with a true work of art, with the highest standards of professional photographic editing. 

When you acquire a Nature in Wide image, you become the owner of a true "Fine Art Photography" that will provide you with an impressive immersive experience over time.

All the works are authentic Art editions. We respect the strict standards of fine art publishing in France, limiting the total number of units per photography to between 3 and 30 units depending on the works and their destination.

In spite of this relative rarity, we wish that any serious lover of photography, nature and art, can become the happy owner of a work of art. We have elaborated for this purpose a policy of reasonable pricing, without compromise on the quality and durability of the works.


High Standards ART Editions techniques

Each artwork is edited according to the highest quality standards, using the high definition and large format printing techniques of renowned laboratories that we have selected in Europe and North America, including the rare licensed laboratories for Diasec.

For limited editions, we have selected three professional publishing processes to guarantee quality and durability of your artwork:


A: acrylic glass    B: sealed photography    C: aluminium dibond

Acrylic Glass Editions

A true photographic laser print of high quality on professional glossy paper is realized. The photograph is sealed under a high quality 2 mm acrylic glass which increases the brilliance of the colors and enhances the depth effect. A 3mm dibond aluminum lamination ensures rigidity. Acrylic glass is lighter and stronger than standard glass. It naturally protects the photograph from UV radiation and ensures long-term color stability. 

This is the process we use most frequently.

Chromalux® HD Metal Print Editions

Dye sublimation printing on aluminum, gives a superb color brilliance on a fascinating thin, light, rigid material resistant to scratches and weathering. The colors are impregnated into the metal at ultra-high temperatures. HD Metal Prints are robust and high quality, UV resistant, and even waterproof.

This is the process we use for very large formats, in case of weight constraints or for particular installation conditions such as in a humid environment.

H Dmetal

A: thermo-sublimation photography    B: aluminium


A: verre acrylique HQ  B: dos verre acrylique   C: photography

Diasec® TruLife® Editions

Photographic printing and mounting to "museum standard" thanks to Diasec® TruLife® techniques guaranteeing exceptional colour quality, brightness and durability. 

Photographic printing is carried out to sublimate the images by laser technique on real photographic paper or high-resolution digital printing on fine-art paper. The photograph is hermetically sealed under high quality 3mm acrylic glass without the use of glue; the durability of colors is ensured for many years (there is no risk of yellowing of glue), without dust, bubbles or glue residue. The set is laminated on 3mm Plexiglas back giving the whole a very contemporary look.

TruLife® acrylic glass is a new anti-reflective technology that reduces reflections to less than 1,5%; it blocks up to 99% of UV rays, has a durable antistatic, dust- and scratch-resistant coating. This technology eliminates the inconvenience of reflections from glossy surfaces, ensuring saturated images of unparalleled clarity and depth.

Diasec® TruLife® is the ultimate solution for the presentation and preservation of fine art photography.


All the above mounts are ready to install, they are equipped with an aluminum frame on the back to reinforce the mounting and ensure its flatness over time, it allows a hanging of the photo in front of the wall.

The works are available in several large formats typically between 1 and 2,4 m; the choice of the size that suits you is made during the purchase process. For other sizes please consult us. 

The photographs are provided with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.


How to buy an Art-Work

Use the "Buy" button on the artwork(s) you are interested in, and select your options. 

We can, if you wish before deciding, make a simulation of the art-work in your environment.

We can ship the artwork all over the world; we will also be happy to welcome you at the studio or gallery if you wish to pick it up yourself.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and evolve according to the availability of the works.

Photo simulation in your environment

Want to see how your favorite art-works would fit into your environment? 

It's very simple! We can make a simulation, contact us for instructions.

A question, a comment? Contact us through the "Contact" page; .... 

or pay us a visit at our studio near Aix en Provence in France


2 x 2 m HD Metal / Chromalux Quadriptych


1,8 m HD Metal / Chromalux