"Feeling often constrained by the limits of the standard photographic format (the famous 24x36), as soon as digital solutions appeared I naturally turned to these new techniques allowing to compose large scale panoramic scenes to somehow "get out of the photographic frame", give an immersive experience, and finally find the visual and mental impact felt in front of the wonders of our Mother Earth".

Breadth and Impact

The approach of "Nature in Wide" Photography is built from many photographs of very high technical quality. It can require several dozen shots for the realization of a scene. The resolution of the images can reach several hundred Mega pixels, it surpasses that of the human eye (equivalent to about 100 Million pixels) and allows to realize very large format works with an immersive impact and an impressive reality.

Panorama Tools


Dsc0008 Dsc0029 22 Img 0000 2

A 235 Megapixel final image, created from 22 RAW shots totalling 796 Megapixels of data, resulting in an impressive 2m x 2m work of art.


The characteristics of the optics and the geometrical processing for the reconstruction of the images are specially chosen to recreate perspectives identical to those of the human eye (contrary to wide-angle photographs for example which amplify the foreground), thus preserving the naturalness and facilitating the immersion in the scenes. 

The current shooting gear is mainly made of a Zeiss Otus 55mm / f 1.4 first very high resolution lens specially developed to take full advantage of the new full format high resolution sensors. It is mounted on a Sony A7R series body providing high quality technical performances in spatial resolution for the sharpness of images, and luminance dynamics for the rendering of color tones.

All the shots are taken in manual mode to control all the necessary parameters.

There is no alteration of the images, be it color filters, exaggerated color saturation, addition of artificial elements or composition of different photographs, in order to respect the "nature" of impressions.

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Nature in "Nature in Wide", large format, immersive impact and impressive reality