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My Vision of "Nature in Wide" Photography

"Nature is our heritage.

These feelings of overwhelming forces, sometimes of mystery, of plenitude also, in front of natural wonders, are powerful impressions that I wish to transmit through my photographs.

My images are often conceptualized long in advance, until the natural elements harmonize, the place, the moment, the light, to create the very "impression".

They are materialized using high-quality shooting and editing techniques, essential to offer you true works of art that will  express the power and beauties of nature.

Nature is our future, preserve it, cherish it..."

A journey to “Nature in Wide” Photography

Philip Richard was born in a small town in the south-east of France, bathed by the lights of Provence, he now lives in Aix en Provence. 

As a teenager, he already has a passion for the universe and colours. His first passion, after scientific studies in France and the USA, led him to a scientific and entrepreneurial career in aerospace. He travels the world for the study and prevention against lightning and thunderstorms, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and he will reside a few years in the American West.

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Science Or Art

Lightning science or Art ?

The second passion has been a guiding thread throughout these years and a long path of technical and artistic experimentation, from the first photographs with a 24x36 bought second-hand in England. The sources of inspiration are multiple, first the nature photographs of Ernst Haas, then those of Art Wolfe and Murray Fredericks; later deepened with encounters such as that of Michael Fatali, a formidable light hunter of the American West.


At the commencement, experimentations with light and colours

Philip realises from his many travels and encounters that despite the diversity of cultures and the apparent superficiality or materialism of some, there are values universally shared by every human being when faced with the spectacle of our universe. These are fundamental feelings towards the mysteries and forces of nature, perhaps reminiscent of our origins.

It is these impressions that he wants to bring back through photography. To be a messenger of the beauty, mystery and forces of nature, and make us "feel" that our Mother Earth is precious.

Little stories and impressions about my images 


waiting for Light

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Beware of icy roads in Arizona's winter

On the shooting grounds

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Nice location for panoramic shooting

Subway With Fatali

With the Fatali in Zion's Subway



Some international exhibitions




Aix en Provence "Sentinels of the Earth"



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Arles Off - International Photography Festival

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Nouvel VAG Isles sur la Sorgue, France

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RIVOLI Brussels



Paris Alexandre Iii


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